Friday, February 10, 2017

The Bullies Are Coming!

I published this story a few years ago when Sarah Palin was performing her theatre of the absurd. This was originally written as part of a program I created called "American Parables" and continues to be relevant.

July 4,2011:

Whatever Sarah Palin may think, there is a big difference between the legend of Paul Revere and the history. But we create legends out of our need for myth, and the myth of Paul Revere is important to who we are. It is not about our right to own guns, it is about e pluribus unum, "out of many, one." It is about the interdependence that forms the vast community we call the United States of America. When the U.S.A. became independent from England, we did not become a nation of rugged individuals. We became, instead, a national community.

Here is my take on the myth of Paul Revere. With a nod to American mythmaker, Henry W. Longfellow.

The Midday Ride of Jimmy Greer, an American Parable
by David Novak

Listen my children and you will hear
Of the midday ride of Jimmy Greer.
Jimmy was perched in the Sycamore tree
He used for a lookout waiting to see
What Benny the scout was going to do
To play with a ball that was red or was blue.
If red then it said that the forthcoming dread
Would appear from around old Ferguson’s shed.
If blue then he knew that the danger at hand
Was coming from over the park playground sand.
Below him at ready at the Sycamore’s side
Was the red painted roadster Jimmy would ride
As soon as he got Ben’s secret report.
He would jump down and ride with his news to the fort.
He would speed on his steed and spread the alarms,
Warning the neighborhood kids to take arms,
To rise and resist the tyrannical rule 
Of the neighborhood bullies so tough and so cruel.
To take arms against their troubles and then
By opposing assure that never again
Would they suffer in silence or cower in fright
Never daring to go out by day or by night.
For the bullies had bullied too hard and too long
And though they were big and though they were strong,
Jimmy and Ben and Libby and Kate
Latisha and Alex, Shariah and Nate
Decided united they’d stand or they’d fall
That all were for one and each one was for all.
The bullies were Andrew and his buddy Matt
And Cassie the warrior and Paula the rat.
They’d gang up on the kids and force ‘em to pay
A tax if ever they wanted to play
On the swings or the slide or the sand or the grass.
They made ‘em pay tolls in order to pass.
And that wasn’t all if kids went to the store
They’d stop ‘em again and make ‘em pay more.
If you played with a kite or a jump rope or jax
They’d gather around you and make you pay tax.
And what did they take from those kids all those times?
Pennies and quarters and nickels and dimes
Candy and bubblegum, soda pop too
For if you refused you know what they’d do?
They’d tie you to trees all covered with ants 
Or put gum in your hair or pull down your pants.
Now some kids tried saying ‘this isn’t fair!
There’s room here for everyone why can’t we share?’
But Andrew just laughed and Cassie threw rocks
And Paula and Matt kicked dirt on their socks.
So Shariah and Alex and Libby and Kate
And Jimmy and Ben, Latisha and Nate
With paper and pens acting very professional
Met in the fort in a manner congressional.
They wrote up a letter outlining their views
Then went down the streets delivering the news.
Now Libby was clever and Shariah was bright
Nate was inventive and Kate sure could fight
And Benny lived near where the bullies would be
And outside his windows Benny could see
If they would be coming by park or by shack
So Ben was sent out to scout the attack.
But Jimmy alone of the whole rebel band
Was the speediest biker in all of the land.
So Jimmy was sent to the Sycamore tree
As part of the neighborhood plan to be free.
It was twelve of the clock with the sun bearing down.
An ominous calm hung over the town.
No breeze was astir no pet was let out,
No bird was heard singing no bug buzzed about.
Bang! The door slammed opening wide
As Benny the scout came running outside.
High in the air Ben tossed a red ball.
Jimmy was startled but he didn’t fall.
He leapt on his bike and sped through the wood
Pushing the pedals as fast as he could.
Right down the drive as his tires were humming
Calling out loud ‘the bullies are coming!
‘The bullies are coming!’ his voice rang out clear
‘The bullies are coming!  And soon will be here
‘The bullies are coming !  Rise up one and all!
‘The bullies are coming!’ Jim sounded the call.
Down Jefferson Street along Franklin Drive
‘The bullies are coming! And soon will arrive!’
He cut down an alley to Washington Way
‘The bullies are coming!  Today is the day!’
He turned at the corner of Lexington Court
Then climbed up the oak tree they used for a fort.
‘Good work,’ said Libby ‘now you draw them near
We will get everyone ready out here.’
Then out of the tree and into the heat
Jimmy went speeding down Longfellow Street.
He rounded the corner of Ferguson’s place
And slid to stop right before Cassie’s face.
‘Who said that you could go riding today?’
Cassie asked Jimmy ‘what did you pay?’
‘I didn’t pay nothing,’ Jimmy replied
‘It shouldn’t cost money to go for a ride.’
‘It does if you want to ride safe,’ Paula said
As she and the gang came around Fergie’s shed.
‘Yeah,’ Matt chimed in ‘you could fall and get hurt.
‘You could land on your face and have to eat dirt.’
‘Of course, if you pay,’ Andrew stepped in
‘You won’t lose your bike or get kicked in the shin.’
Paula ran up as Jimmy wheeled round
Cassie leapt forward but fell to the ground.
Jimmy had sped between Andrew and Matt
Matt swung as he dodged and knocked Andy flat.
Then around the next corner but not very far
Jim hid behind Mr. Hamilton’s car.
Andy and Matt and Paula and Cass
Ran round the corner and started to pass
When Jimmy called out “who made you king?
I don’t think it’s fair and I won’t pay a thing!”
He zipped out behind them and led them away
“I won’t just serve you and let you have your way!”
They ran after Jim and he stayed in sight
“Just because you are strong doesn’t mean you are right!”
Jim put on the speed as they started to rally
And led them across Washington alley.
“You say that our freedom requires taxation
But I won’t pay tax without representation!”
Paula and Andrew cut off Jimmy’s route
Jim hit the brakes while spinning about
But Cassie and Matt had him surrounded.
“You’re saying,” sneered Matt “that our taxes aren’t founded
On sound moral ground?  Don’t be idiotic!
Everyone knows that its plain patriotic
To let those in power make all the rules.”
“Yeah,” Paula said “you babies are fools.
We big kids know best and we work hard to see
That the neighborhood’s safe enough to be free.”
“And who knows” Andrew closed “you might be infected
“With germs and disease, we should be protected
From people who threaten and put us in danger
You might be a spy or a crook or a stranger
Trying to wreck our great institutions
That’s why we work hard to come up with solutions
That serve to protect all the folks who obey
And silence the ones who want their own say.”
Paula stooped down and picked up a stone
The others did likewise as Jim stood alone.
Cassie lifted her stone “its like this Jimmy dear,
To keep people in line you must keep them in fear.”
“There was no fair vote!” Jim started to cower.
“The day you did nothing is the day we took power.”
They lifted their hands just about to attack
When a sound from the ground made them jump back.
Jimmy blew on his whistle and jumped to his feet
As the sound of his whistle awoke the whole street.
Then bells started ringing from Benny’s front lawn  
And drums from the playground as others came on.
The sounds were now growing louder and strong
The bullies looked round and saw a great throng
Of kids, any one of whom the bullies could beat
But not when they all stood up in the street.
Then, out of the doors, to the bullies’ great shock
Came grown-ups with bells up and down the whole block.
They rang with the kids in one glorious chorus
“No party of bullies will make the rules for us!
We choose to be free and to stand for the good
And so we’ve united the whole neighborhood.
The U.N. we’ll call it and it will prevail
To see that no bully will ever assail
The rights of each child, each woman and man
To liberty, justice and the power to plan
Their own way of living and worship as well,
To speak and assemble and peacefully dwell.
The right to enjoy self determination
So long as their actions cause no limitation
On anyone’s rights to these freedoms too
To do unto others as we’d have them do.”
Cassie and Andrew and Paula and Matt
Let Jimmy go and helplessly sat
While a jury of peers decided their fate.
A sentence was given, delivered by Nate,
That they would repair any damage they’d done
And also repay all the money they’d won.
And further provide service to all,
Such as tying a shoe or pumping a ball,
Or stopping the traffic when folks cross the street.
And promise to never attempt to repeat
The tyranny with which they once tried to rule.
Instead they should start to study in school
Not how to make war or how to be strong,
But how to make peace and how to right wrong.
And since that great day of Jimmy’s alarm
Our United Neighbors have kept us from harm.
But if from without or within should appear
A threat to those freedoms we all hold so dear,
We know what to do for united we stand.
We all raise our voices and join freedom’s band.


  1. What a wonderfully expressed reminder that we need to join with others to stop bullying and oppression in its tracks, while not get pulled into that level of behavior. Thank you for reposting this, David.

  2. hello David! happy to see you here!
    love, angela