Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Waiting For Recess

Thirty years ago last week, a man opened fire on the playground of Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton, California.
Two months later, I made my first festival appearance at The Mariposa Storytelling Festival.
The news cycled had finished with the Cleveland story. People were saying that it was over and now it was time to move on.
As a storyteller, I could not accept that dismissal. The story was not over. Sadly, the story is not over.
I created a story in response and shared it in Mariposa.
Here it is from thirty years ago:

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  1. Sadly, your story is a potent reminder that we have transitioned into a period of constant fear for our childrens’ safety and our own. We no longer have to be sent off to war to experience PTSD. Even when we have not been at the scenes of these mass slaughters, the unpredictability of the events keeps us anxious. I hope your voice brings others to responsible action in reducing gun violence. As always, thank you for your caring and compassionate storytelling.