Monday, May 18, 2020

Eco Spring

The old story. The oppressed and under-served majority finally revolted against the imperialist tyranny of the Old Regime. It began violently. Fire, flood, famine. Whole rainforests went up in smoke. Riots of locusts. Then, social networks went viral. Success. People took their feet off the gas pedal, planes were grounded, and the Old Regime was shut down.
This was the Eco Spring of 2020.
Celebrations!. Dancing in the street. Or rather, tromping, hopping, waddling, and cavorting in the streets, bays, canals... Land, air, and water, were free at last.
For a time.
Then, despite all the talk about a Green New Deal, despite the promise of a renewed covenant with Earth, the Old Regime reasserted itself.
We've seen this before. The "Arab Spring." The "Prague Spring." Now it's the "Eco Spring."
The auto factories are back into production, the oil is burning once more.
Listen. Earth is singing "We Won't Get Fooled Again!" Here comes an early Hurricane Season.

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